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Meditation Benefits (and Meditation for Beginners)

Meditation Benefits

Meditation is gaining increasing attention in contemporary society for good reason. Though there are many different techniques of meditation, as beginners we can approach it by understanding that it focuses on resting the mind and reaching a calm place of awareness that is unlike our normal waking state. As research begins to look more carefully […]

How to use Meditation to Boost Energy

how to meditate

How To Meditate to Boost Energy Did you ever wonder how to meditate to boost your energy levels? Even though I have a daily ritual of starting my morning off with a strong cup of Greek coffee, modern tradition has us gulping down energy-drinks, pre-workouts, and other caffeinated beverages as a quick-fix for our energy needs. […]

5 Surprising Ways Music Enhances Athletic Performance

Music Enhances Athletic Performance

Music is powerful. It has the ability to invoke emotions, memories, and push our bodies to limits we didn’t think possible. Below are 5 ways music enhances athletic performance. 1. Music makes you stronger A study carried out by researchers at Brunel University suggests that music can improve an athletes endurance by 15% whilst reducing their […]