How To Be Positive – A Practical Approach

how to be positive

How To Be Positive – A Practical Approach

Just before you read our practical guide on how to be positive, it’s important to state that we are big advocates of positive thinking and the books we reference are definitely good reads. With this in mind, good books and good thoughts are sometimes not enough.

When your thoughts and your actions align, the universe will manifest accordingly.

“The Law Of Attraction”, “The Secret”, “The One” – what is the recurring theme in all of these books?
Well, the recurring theme in these books is that all you need for good shit to happen is to believe it will happen. In fact, they pretty much suggest that all you need to do to buy your dream car is it’s as easy as imagining what it would feel like to drive your dream car and it might just magically appear. I mean sure – you could win the lotto and all of a sudden your dream car appears, but the probability of that occurring is as rare as hens teeth.

You should be asking yourself: “is that really all I need to do to get everything I desire – just think positive and it’ll come my way?”

The short answer to that is “No”. If you want to know how to be positive, what you really need to be practicing is practical positivity. F**K yes you also need to think positive, by no means should we discount positive thinking (because often times happiness is an internal recognition) but you also need to be positive in your actions.

Let’s say, for instance, you want to lose body fat. You should visualise what you’d look like with less fat, visualise how you’d feel, how it would boost your confidence, and then use those feel-good thoughts to drive you to train hard and eat right.

In essence, positive actions and positive thoughts need to work in tandem for the best results, because one without the other is a superfluous waste.

Here’s How To Be Positive By Aligning Your Actions and Thoughts in 5 simple ways:

So let’s get into it!

  1. Everyday, write down three things you’re grateful for

    Writing adds a physical value to your thoughts and is a simple way of giving your gratitude tangibility. However – sometimes you might not be sure what to write. If that’s the case, just know that you can be grateful for anything, no matter how simple it seems. For instance, be grateful for eyesight so you can take in the beauty of a sunset, or see your partners face when you make them laugh, or be grateful for the support of your family and friends, or even just be grateful that you have a meal and a warm bed to sleep in – as simple as these things may seem, if they were stripped away from you, they would be sorely missed.

  2. Write your GOALS down and set yourself a timeline to achieve them

    It is important to realize the physical act of writing your goals down will make you feel more accountable. This is because we psychologically feel a sense of being consistent with the things we’ve committed ourselves to in writing – as proven by many studies carried out by Leon Festinger, Fritz Heider, Theodore Newcomb, and Anthony Greenwald.

  3. Meditate

    Meditation doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, you can just sit in a quiet place, sit comfortably, and concentrate on your breathing – we have an article about this here. Further to making you feel good, meditation allows you to become aware of your thoughts.

  4. Perform a Random Act of Kindness

    Research has shown that we become happier when we make others happier. Not to mention, doing this adds a tangible outcome to your positive thoughts – it is quite literally positive action.

  5. Keep a reflection journal

    Equally important to thinking your thoughts is writing out your thoughts, as it will help you realise how you think. Write down your thoughts, your feelings, what you did today, and what you’ll do in the future. You can then reflect on what you’ve done and achieved and answer questions such as “did I achieve what I needed to, what were my time wasters, why did I think that bad thought, what can I do differently?” In addition – it’ll help keep a pulse on how you’re tracking with your goals

In essence, allow your thoughts to shape your actions. But, above all, do the steps in this article and re-wire your brain, thoughts and, ultimately, your actions.

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