Meditation Benefits (and Meditation for Beginners)

Meditation Benefits

Meditation is gaining increasing attention in contemporary society for good reason. Though there are many different techniques of meditation, as beginners we can approach it by understanding that it focuses on resting the mind and reaching a calm place of awareness that is unlike our normal waking state. As research begins to look more carefully […]

How To Build Muscle – Top 5 Muscle Building Mistakes

How To Build Muscle - Muscle Building Mistakes

How to build muscle: avoid these 5 mistakes! For many of us out there, knowing how to build muscle is one of the main goals when it comes to training. Adding lean mass has tons of benefits including an improved metabolism, greater potential for strength gains, a better look and athletic performance. However, there are […]

Get Ripped For Summer – FlowFonix Summer HIITs

get ripped for summer 3

Quickest way to get ripped for summer? High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) comprises a series of exercising protocols that alternate intense activity with rest periods. HIIT sessions are short, but they pack a punch and are a great way to get ripped for summer. Elite athletes have used these for decades, to ever greater results. Unfortunately, […]

Warm Up Exercises – The Perfect Dynamic Routine

Warm Up Exercises- FlowFonix

Warm Up Exercises – But Why Though? Warm up exercises. An essential, but often neglected, element of a productive workout. The warm-up is the best time to prepare the body to do the heavy lifting we demand of it in our workout routine, so here is a six-step guide to getting your body mobile and […]

Yoga For Sleep – The 5 Pose 10 Minute Yoga Routine For Deep Sleep

FlowFonix teams up with Warrior One Yoga to show you how to use yoga for sleep! The following Yoga For Sleep Routine is a guest blog by ex-pro surfer, BJJ black belt, and mindful-yogi Dustin Brown and his tribe from Warrior One Yoga here in Melbourne. Dustin and his wife Nova run a kick-ass yoga […]

How To Be Positive – A Practical Approach

how to be positive

How To Be Positive – A Practical Approach Just before you read our practical guide on how to be positive, it’s important to state that we are big advocates of positive thinking and the books we reference are definitely good reads. With this in mind, good books and good thoughts are sometimes not enough. When your thoughts […]

The Fat Burning Furnace Home Workout

home workout

The Best Home Workout Guide No Gym? No Problem. Okay – tacky headline, but seriously, I get it. I used to work in the consulting world – and 9pm finishes were all too regular. Once I got home from work, I sometimes didn’t feel like leaving the house. It might only be a 10 minute […]

How to use Meditation to Boost Energy

how to meditate

How To Meditate to Boost Energy Did you ever wonder how to meditate to boost your energy levels? Even though I have a daily ritual of starting my morning off with a strong cup of Greek coffee, modern tradition has us gulping down energy-drinks, pre-workouts, and other caffeinated beverages as a quick-fix for our energy needs. […]