How to use Meditation to Boost Energy

how to meditate

How To Meditate to Boost Energy

Did you ever wonder how to meditate to boost your energy levels?

Even though I have a daily ritual of starting my morning off with a strong cup of Greek coffee, modern tradition has us gulping down energy-drinks, pre-workouts, and other caffeinated beverages as a quick-fix for our energy needs.

The downside of caffeine is that we build up a tolerance to it quite quickly – and to get the same kick, we need to keep upping the dose. It’s why I sought an alternative way to get an energy boost without stimulants.

NOW… I’m NOT going to tell you to give up the caffeine – especially because I’m not going to myself! BUT, I am saying there is another way to get an energy boost that requires just 10 minutes of your time, some bluetooth earbuds (or headphones, or anything you can listen to music through), and a place to sit or lie down.

How to Meditate and Get Your Mental Energy Boost:

  1. Sit or lie comfortably

    For this practice, there is no need to hold any certain poses, fold your legs, or place your hands anywhere specific. This is purely for energy boosting – not for enlightenment or a transcendental experience. Just BE COMFORTABLE!

  2. Put on your earbuds, headphones, or earphones

    Or if you have a speaker, you can use that too – I prefer earbuds as they block out external sound

  3. Set a timer for 10 minutes

    In-case you fall asleep!

  4. Connect your earbuds or speaker to your phone

    Or any other device you can stream music from

  5. Tune into the power frequencies

    Jump onto youtube and search for music or pure tones at one of the following frequencies (explanations to why we use these frequencies is below)
    144.72 Hz
    8.0 Hz

  6. Close your eyes

  7. Breathe normally

    Don’t control your breath, just breathe

  8. Focus your attention on each exhale and inhale

    1. On each inhale, count up to four – for instance, on the first inhale, the count is ‘1’, on the second, the count is ‘2’, the third is ‘3’, and the fourth is ‘4’ – then restart at ‘1’
    2. With each exhale imagine black fumes shooting out your nostril – this will represent the fatigue and negative energy
    3. With each inhale and count, imagine white energy coming into your body – this will represent energy and positivity
  9. Don’t worry about losing focus – just re-center

    If your mind wanders, don’t freak out or get frustrated, simply return your focus back to your breath

  10. Maintain this for 10 minutes

    and if you feel like it – go for longer!

Now onto the FREQUENCIES:

The reason I made a reference to the above frequencies of 144.72 Hz and 8.0 Hz is because those are the binaural beats that represent energy and power. If you haven’t heard about binaural beats – and are sceptical about them as I first was – they’re essentially sound-waves that interact with your body’s vibrational energy.

144.72, also known as the carrier beat, is associated with the orbit of Mars and is theorised to promote rejuvenation. Whereas 8.0, also known as the Base chakra, is theorised to stimulate adrenals, spinal column, and kidneys whilst also increasing physical energy.

The benefits of this type of meditation is you can do it almost anywhere, and if it’s too noisy where you are, we suggest using some wireless headphones.

Happy meditating!

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