5 Unbelievable Benefits of Music

Listen to music

This article tells us why we should listen to music everyday!

If you don’t listen to music every day, you are missing out on some of the easiest life-boosting methods available.

How many times have you heard a song for the first time that gives you goosebumps, or brings back a good memory, or that perfectly reflects your feelings at the time? There is no doubt that music impacts your mood and colours our lives, but what else it does will blow your mind:


A 2009 study in the Journal of Neuroscience showed that children as young as 15 months old led to structural brain changes and improved motor and auditory skills (Hyde et al. 2009, Journal of Neuroscience 29(10):3019-3025)

2. Music can aid ACADEMIC SUCCESS

Research carried out by the Boston Children’s Hospital discovered that children who are exposed to music at an early age assists them with information retention and behaviour regulation (Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience – June 2004).


Music can calm people down during stressful times. One study showed  that patients who had gotten out of surgery and listened to music afterwards had a decrease in cortisol levels and required lower levels of morphine to handle their pain – they also showed decreased signs on all biological markers of stress. (Heart Lung. 2009 May-Jun;38(3):201-7. doi: 10.1016/j.hrtlng.2008.07.008. Epub 2008 Oct 5)

4. Music might help PREVENT DISEASE

A study carried out by Wilkes University discovered that listening to soothing music increased levels of IgA – an antibody that our immune system uses against disease. Another study found that classical music lowered stress hormones and decreased inflammatory cells (Francis X. Brennan, Jr., PhD, or Carl J. Charnetski, PhD, Department of Psychology, Wilkes University and Claudius Conrad, MD, PhD; Hanno Niess; Karl-Walter Jauch, MD; Christiane J. Bruns, MD, PhD; Wolfgang H. Hartl, MD; Lorenz Welker, MD)

5. Music improves the QUALITY OF EXERCISE

A study done in the UK showed that participants who listened to music while training not only trained for longer, but also reported higher levels of satisfaction with their training session than those who didn’t listen to music. (J Sport Exerc Psychol. 2009 Feb;31(1):18-36.). This may be due to the fact that we synchronise our movements to the beat of the music we listen to, which in-turn allows our bodies to use up oxygen efficiently.

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