Top Melbourne Running Trails

Melbourne Running Trails are some of the best in the world. Known for its scenic beauty, Melbourne has a number of running trails which fit perfectly with the aesthetics of running. This article will introduce a list of the 10 best Melbourne running trails, so hope you have your sneakers ready and prepped to go!

Best Melbourne Running Trails

1. Albert Park Lake

This is a 4.7 km track and it trails around the Port Philip Bay. So, be ready to jog along with the winds while encountering magnificent water fountains. Not only is it a well-maintained track, but, if lucky, runners will be able to witness some beautiful black swans as well. It is an easy track to get by.

2. The Tan Track

This is another popular trail for runners. The Tan starts from Domain Road and loops around The Royal Botanic Garden. The loop measures 4 km which will seem like a short trail. But, the alluring beauty of the garden and the lake surrounding it will entrance runners. This is also an easy trail to run.

3. Capital City Trail

The Capital City Trail hails itself as the crown jewel of Melbourne and trails along the Yarra River. Running through the central part of the whole city. it’s also a popular trail for bikers. One can run through the Yarra River Reserve and return from Alexandra Avenue. The whole trail measures 11 km. However, beginners can make the trail shorter by running one bank at a time.

4. The Solar System Trail

The Solar System Trail is a must-run trail for every space junkie as the trail pretty much serves the purpose of its name. The main beauty of the trail lies in the artwork with a deep space theme The artwork flows along with the length of the trail from Pluto (yes, during my time it was a planet) to the Sun. It starts from St. Kilda Beach to Sandbridge Beach and it measures 10 km in total. In conclusion, all outer space enthusiasts can run this trail!

5. Princes Park

Offering a nice and relaxed run, this trail is perfect if you’re not in the mood for a challenge. The trail starts from Tin Alley which is situated in the University of Melbourne. The whole trail measures 4.7 km. So, anyone can take on this trail.

6. Abbotsford Convent

This is a hub for tourists and is a heritage site. Bu,t what people don’t know is that, it has its own running track as well. One can start from the gates of the Convent and follow along the Main Yarra Trail. The distance of the trail varies and it is a trail that cannot be missed.

7.Hampton Beach to Elwood Beach Trails

There is a 7 km trail between the Hampton Beach and Elwood Beach which takes runners to gorgeous gardens. It also passes through the famous colorful changing cabins which are a sight to behold. As such , it is an easy run for everyone.

8. Maribyrnong River Loop

The 6.8 km trail borders the beautiful and breathtaking Maribyrnong River. One can start from Clyde Street and Raleigh Road and journey on towards the west of the river. It ends on the east bank of the river where the beautiful “Boulevard” is the final reward. It is a moderately difficult run. However, beginners can always make stops along the way

9. Tour de Williamstown 

The route of the trail starts from North Williamstown which is located near the Railway Museum. A part of the trail runs along the Esplanade Water Park. The loop ends towards the Jawbone Nature Reserve and the whole trail measures 8.8 km. Runners will be introduced to a wonderful view of the Port Bay area as well. However, beginner joggers are advised to be aware of the long distance.

10. Thousand Steps

The Thousand Steps trail is a challenging trail for people who want to take it up a notch. It is situated in the Dandenong Ranges. The trail consists of a 1.4 km inclination of stairs and it comes with a little history behind it as well. In addition, it is narrow and incredibly steep. So proceed with caution regardless if you’re a beginner or expert level runner. However, the risk makes it all the more reason to be included in the top 10 Melbourne running trails.

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