5 Surprising Ways Music Enhances Athletic Performance

Music Enhances Athletic Performance

Music is powerful. It has the ability to invoke emotions, memories, and push our bodies to limits we didn’t think possible.

Below are 5 ways music enhances athletic performance.

1. Music makes you stronger

A study carried out by researchers at Brunel University suggests that music can improve an athletes endurance by 15% whilst reducing their perceived effort by as much as 12%, which means the body can work harder for longer.

2. Synchronization with music improves output

Exercise calls for the body to work together as one single unit, driven towards a singular purpose. Music makes it far easier for the body to synchronize movement, as it gives it a prescribed rhythm to tune into.

In fact, one of the greatest distance runners of all time, Haile Gebrselassie, synchronized his famous run for the 10,000 meter world record to the song “Scatman”.

3. Music relieves fatigue

Listening to music while exercising can effectively postpone fatigue. Studies have have shown that music enhances performance by delaying the brain’s response to muscle fatigue.

In other words, music remove feelings of exhaustion from the brain.

4. Music improves flow state

Flow state is also known as ‘getting in the zone’. When an athlete is in the flow, their body and mind are so incredibly in sync that their performances are often some of their best!

Researchers at Stanford University argue that particular pieces of music have the ability to promote relaxation, concentration, and focus if listened to prior to performance.

5. Music helps you stick with it

It’s widely known that music boosts positive emotions. Sport can be hard on the body and on the mind, and so interjecting positive emotion into the equation can have a monumental effect on helping athletes to stick with their training when times get tough.

Positive association is incredibly important for athletes. Adhering to a training program is the only way to find success in sports, and that means cultivating positive emotional associations with hard physical work. Listening to music that resonates with those good emotions helps athletes to keep going even when their bodies are tired or sore.

So whether you’re an elite athlete or enjoy exercising casually, music is a positive tool that has the potential to push our bodies and minds to the next level.


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