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Get Ripped For Summer – FlowFonix Summer HIITs

get ripped for summer 3

Quickest way to get ripped for summer? High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) comprises a series of exercising protocols that alternate intense activity with rest periods. HIIT sessions are short, but they pack a punch and are a great way to get ripped for summer. Elite athletes have used these for decades, to ever greater results. Unfortunately, […]

Warm Up Exercises – The Perfect Dynamic Routine

Warm Up Exercises- FlowFonix

Warm Up Exercises – But Why Though? Warm up exercises. An essential, but often neglected, element of a productive workout. The warm-up is the best time to prepare the body to do the heavy lifting we demand of it in our workout routine, so here is a six-step guide to getting your body mobile and […]